Manually installing Junip's scripts

If you are running a heavily customized Shopify store you may need to manually place some of Junip's code into your theme. 

Don’t fret! We lay out everything you have to do below.

To start you need to access the code for your Shopify theme. Go to your Shopify Admin and under Online Store > Themes, click the Actions drop down for your Live theme and hit Edit code.

Next verify you have the 3 files under Snippets:

- junip-product-review.liquid

- junip-product-summary.liquid

- junip-store-key.liquid

If those files do not exist, please log in to your Junip Admin to Settings > Store Settings and click Reinstall Junip.

Next we need to make sure your store key is properly added to your theme. This allows Junip to pull down all your configured brand settings and reviews for your site. Go to your theme.liquid file and verify {% render 'junip-store-key' %} is somewhere on the page. If it’s not there add it in. 

Anywhere that is valid HTML works, generally we recommend just before the closing </body> tag.

Next let’s add product reviews to your product pages. 

Go to the template file used on your product pages. Usually this will be your product.liquid file under the Templates folder. If you use a different product template, go to that specific file. Add {% render 'junip-product-review', product: product %} wherever you want product reviews to show up.

Lastly we'll add star ratings to products on your site. We recommend adding star ratings under the product titles anywhere they show up across your site. 

This is the snippet you want to add: {% render 'junip-product-summary', product: product %}

There’s 4 spots where we typically add star ratings:

  1. Under Sections > product-template.liquid, just under the product title
  2. Under Snippets > product-card.liquid, again just under the product title
  3. Snippets > product-card-grid.liquid, under the product title
  4. Snippets > product-grid-item.liquid, under, you guessed it, the product title

If you use custom files for the product template section or grid view of your products, add the star rating code to the spots that work best for your theme.

That’s it! You now have Junip up and running on your site. To preview Junip on your site go to your Junip Admin > On-site and click the link to preview Junip on your store.

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