Importing your reviews to Junip

You worked hard to earn your reviews, so you can absolutely keep them when making the move to Junip.

There is no limit to how many imports you can run, regardless of your plan with us. You own your content & should be able to manage it freely.

Importing reviews is very straight-forward:

1. Head to the moderation section of Junip's admin

2. Hit "import reviews" in the top lefthand side of the screen

3. Choose your previous provider from the dropdown menu (where the reviews are coming from)

4. Upload the export file you received from your previous platform

If you don't see your previous tool in the drop down: that's not a problem. Just reach out with the name of the vendor & (if possible) a .csv file of your review data from them.

You can reach us over email email ( or chat with us in the bottom righthand side of admin. We'll get on processing your import right away & as long as you provide all the info we need, we strive to do it within 48 hours (though it's often less).

Final note:

When bringing content into Junip, all we ask is that you upload real, genuine, unedited reviews that were gathered from your customer base. We value real content because we think it's the right thing to do, but also because truth in advertising laws exist & impact your business. Various legal bodies worldwide have taken interest in protecting consumers by going after fake reviews & have started successfully bringing cases against brands.

We strongly encourage all brands to treat their content with honesty & only upload content that has been gathered from their customer base regardless of the platform they're using.

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