You can get to solicitation settings either by hitting "settings" in the messages section, or by finding it in the settings page. It's the core of how we know when to send requests for your customers to leave a review & what type of review to request.

The tooltips below each section are particularly helpful, but we'll explain it all in this doc as well.

1. Auto solicit

This is actually turning on post purchase review requests. We'd highly recommend you do this!

2. Max requests per product

This sets a maximum number of times we'll request a review if a customer buys the same product multiple times. It is not a setting for reminders to leave a review, rather it means if someone purchases the same product 5 times, don't request a review from them the 6th time.

This is really handy for subscription or consumable products. If someone is buying the same product over & over again, it's not worth annoying them with a 10th review request. The first couple are fine though :)

3. Product review percent

Dictates the percentage of all solicitations that send as product review requests vs. site review requests. For most stores, we recommend sending 100% product review requests & keeping the post submission action for store reviews enabled.

4. Message time delay

Setting how many days after fulfillment you like your review request to be sent.

5. International delays

International shipping takes time! If you ship internationally, we recommend setting a longer delay on requesting a review. It's better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to make these a little long. If you enable international delays, be sure to set your domestic locations so we know who to send requests to faster.

Now go get some reviews 💌

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