Can't quite find the review you're looking for?

We provide a few handy sorting tools within the moderation section of Junip to help you manage your content. Head to moderation, then check out the fancy top header.

This is your key to finding any review!

We let you sort by

1. Customer email

The email someone used on their review. If they're a verified buyer, this will match the review on record for their order.

2. Review state

This shows whether a review is currently marked rejected, pending or approved. The most commonly used view in moderation is the pending state, to moderate new pending content.

3. Rating

Sort by star rating!

4. Product name

You can search & page through various products to filter down to that specific products reviews


It's important to note that you can combine these search parameters. So trying to find the best reviews on a certain product? Search rating - `5`, product - `example product name` & perhaps state - `approved`.

Happy sorting! 🤓

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