This article will help you create a simple product review flow on Voyage SMS in a few easy steps. When you're finished, you will be able to automatically send an SMS to a consumer who purchased a product and ask them to submit a review!

Automation campaigns in Voyage SMS are called Drips. First, you'll create a new drip campaign by selecting Drips from the blue taskbar on the left and click Create drip campaign.

You'll enter a name for your campaign, like Review Request, then add a trigger. Select junip > order fulfilled as the trigger action.

The next step is configuring your message, so you'll want to:

  • choose a time delay for your message, and

  • input a message asking consumers to submit a review

Make sure to include OrderReviewUrl (found in Dynamic Variables > Event) in your message, which will provide your customers with a link where they can write their review.

Once you save the delay and message, publish your campaign and you'll be all set!

Feel free to explore additional options like filters, opt-out language, or additional messages (and delays) within this same campaign.

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