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Getting started with the Checkout Promotions integration on Junip

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Junip’s integration with Checkout Promotions lets you add star ratings to any promotion that has products in them, such as cross-sells, upsells, and special offers. The integration also comes with the Junip review form template so you can create post purchase promotions and request reviews from repeat customers.

Enabling Junip

The first step is to enable the Junip integration from your Checkout Promotions account.

  1. Go to your Checkout Promotions account > settings > integrations and find Junip on the list of available integrations, then click “enable”.

  2. Next, enter your Junip store key which can be found in the Store Health section of your Junip settings. Then enter your Junip form URL, which can be found under Forms > Manual Review Links > Links.

Adding Product Ratings to promotions

Once Junip is enabled, you will now be able to add Review Ratings to all of your promotions that have products in them. In the content editor of your promotion, there’s a ‘Reviews Rating’ block that’s visible within the product block & lets you customize the colour and padding of the star rating. Products that have at least 1 review will now display their star rating & number of reviews.

Review Forms

When creating a new promotion, you can choose the ‘Junip - Review Form’ template under the Content tab of the template selector. The Junip template uses your store’s review form URL to prompt customers to leave a review. Once a customer clicks the ‘write a review’ button, they will be asked to enter their email address so a link can be sent to their inbox. When they visit this link, they will be able to leave a review for any past purchases they have not yet submitted a review for.

When using the Junip Review Form template, we don’t recommend showing this promotion to first time customers, as they haven’t had a chance to try the product yet! Instead, you can set the eligibility rules to: ‘Customer has placed more than 0 orders’ to ensure only repeat customers are being asked for reviews.

To get started, head to your Checkout Promotions account and enable Junip in the integrations settings. If you have any questions about the integration or experience any difficulties getting started, please reach out to Junip at

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