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When will Junip support translations?

My store isn't in English - when will I be able to use Junip in my preferred language?

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Written by Stuart Arsenault
Updated over a week ago

Currently Junip is only fully available in English & some elements of the experience are not able to be translated. We're a small team of 9, working as fast as we can to build out a better reviews experience & unfortunately haven't been able to properly add this yet.

That means if your store isn't in English, some elements of the submission forms & on-site displays may seem a little off to consumers. We're hoping to solve many of these problems in the future - in the meantime please reach out to support & let them know what language your store is in so we can mark down the request. We'll reach out when we're able to fully support your preferred language.

Once again - apologies that we're not able to offer full support for translations at the moment, but know we're working as fast as we can to get there & appreciate your excitement for them!

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