This guide will walk you through the basic elements of a review request flow within Klaviyo. Our integration sends events from Junip to Klaviyo, and by setting up a flow in Klaviyo, these events can trigger actions like sending an email or SMS to relevant customers.

By the end, your flow should look like this:

First, in your Klaviyo Flows page, you'll want to click Create Flow > Create from scratch. Give your flow a name like "Junip - Review request" and click Create flow.

You'll want to select a Metric trigger and then the Junip - Review Request event.

Once you've selected your trigger, you can add a Flow Filter which will kick people out of the flow once they've left a review.

This is what your flow will look like so far, with the trigger and flow filter setup:

Now you're ready to drag an email into the flow (from "Actions" on the left-hand side)

And your flow is finished 🙌 It should look something like this:

Next steps: create an email template (or add one in that you've already saved in Klaviyo) to request a review from customers. You can check out this guide for more on how to create a basic email template in Klaviyo using our dynamic variables.

When you're happy with the flow and email, you need to switch the email from "Draft" to "Live" so that Klaviyo can start sending those emails. If you had requests being sent using Junip's templates or another provider, make sure to disable these at this time to avoid double sending.

This is just a start... feel free to add more to your flow depending on what your team's goals are -- do you want to add a reminder email or SMS a few days after they receive the first? Perhaps a filter on the message to make sure that customers haven't received this review request before in the past 30 days?

Sky is the limit here so make the most of it and show us what you come up with :)

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