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A dedicated reviews page often sits at /pages/reviews & showcases all of your store's reviews. It can include both site & product reviews. You can easily make a new page or add Junip to an existing page right within your Shopify theme.

The process for adding this section to your site will depend on if you're using a 1.0 or 2.0 theme in Shopify, since 2.0 themes will support review blocks. You can find the instructions by clicking below:

Tip: if you aren't sure, you can visit your Store settings & see which installation method we suggest. Is it asking you to "Enable App Embed" which means you're on a 2.0 theme, or to "Add Snippets" which means you're on a 1.0 theme?

Adding a reviews page to a 1.0 / Vintage theme

1. If you're making a new page, navigate to your theme in Shopify & hit "new page". Even easier, in the on-site section of Junip we link to this page within your theme.

Just hit add page & then follow the instructions.

To create a new reviews page in Shopify:

1. Select page.junip-reviews from the template options on the righthand side
2. Enter a title and hit save
3. Once the page has been created, you can modify its layout in the Shopify theme editor

This just makes a normal page within Shopify. You can still edit & add to it however you'd like! Many brands using Junip choose to add header images or videos.

2. If you're editing an existing page, just remove the code from the old reviews app you were using & add in the Junip section following the same instructions as above!

For either a new page or an existing page, you can edit the Junip section within your theme. This is where you can change things like total reviews showing, list vs grid & whether or not you'd like a reviews summary to appear.

Eventually, you'll end up with something a little bit like this 🥰

Adding a reviews page to a 2.0 theme

Just like you added the rest of your Junip displays using this guide, you can drag & drop a review block onto your site for a reviews page! The block is called Reviews page (storewide).

1. In your Shopify Admin, you'll want to create a page where you want to show these reviews. Then, when in your Theme Editor, navigate to the blank "Reviews page" that you just created & press Add section > click the Reviews page (storewide) block and tada!

Tip: we'll link to some of these pages in your Junip On-site settings in case that's helpful!

Feel free to drag the block around on your page, or click the block to see the customization options (display in grid or list view, display product reviews, store reviews, or both, etc.)

You'll notice that there are a few other review blocks that you can add to this page (or others like a homepage) as well, such as a reviews carousel or a standalone media gallery. Feel free to drag in those blocks if you'd like!

Eventually, you'll end up with something a little bit like this 🥰

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