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Previewing your display
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Want to preview how Junip will display before turning it live?

Just head to on-site & `Preview` will be the second section. If you click `click here` you'll be taken to a new tab with Junip sample data loaded.

What's actually happening when you click that link? We're appending your url with the string `?junip-preview-mode=true`. You can manually trigger preview mode yourself, on any page of your website, by adding that string to the end of whatever url you're on.

It's important to note, the sample data is not dynamic. Meaning that whether or not you have certain parts of the display enabled (like product traits, for instance), there will always be a sample trait in your sample data. Previewing is just meant to give you a general overview for positioning on the page & general branding.

Preview away! πŸ‘€

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