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Before you turn your displays to live for all the world to see, you can preview what they will look like on your website.

This is perfect if you haven't collected reviews yet but still want to see what they will look like, or if you're working in your main theme and want to make sure everything looks perfect before turning it on. Our preview mode will use sample reviews / data.

You can go to your On-site settings and you'll see the "Preview" section.

You can click the Preview Junip button or if you'd like to preview a specific theme, you can click the dropdown arrow to Select your theme.

Highlighting the "Preview" section of the "On-site settings" page in Junip's admin where you can click the button to preview Junip on your site.

What's actually happening when you click that link?

We're appending your url with the string ?junip-preview-mode=true&junip-break-cache=true

You can manually trigger preview mode yourself, on any page of your website, by adding that string to the end of whatever url you're on.

Browsing in Preview Mode

You'll then see your site in preview mode, it'll be clear because of the green bar at the bottom of the screen and all of your products will have 3 sample reviews.

An example of what it looks like to be on a site with preview mode enabled so that it shows sample review data

Exiting Preview Mode

How to exit this view will depend on where you're browsing it from:

When browsing on a site

To exit preview mode, you can click "Learn more" on the green bar and then Exit preview mode on the modal that pops up.

The preview mode bar that shows when preview mode is enabled on a site
Junip's "Preview mode" modal that explains preview mode and gives an option to exit

In the theme customizer

If you're in editing your 2.0 theme using the theme customizer, preview mode will automatically show there. If you want to hide this, then you can go to your App Embed menu, click on the dropdown arrow beside Junip and de-select the Show Preview Data checkbox.

App Embed menu on the Theme Customizer where you can disable the option to "Show preview data"

Sample data being used

It's important to note, the sample data is not dynamic. Meaning that you may have certain parts of the display enabled (like product traits or media galleries) but these won't show in the preview mode. Previewing is just meant to give you a general overview for positioning on the page & general branding.

Sample data on a reviews display

Feel free to make any changes to your Branding or to your On-site settings before enabling your displays for real!

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