Adding Junip to a 1.0 / Vintage theme
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Using our auto-installer

In this doc, we will walk through how to add Junip to your Online store 1.0 / Vintage theme on Shopify. If you're on a 2.0 theme, check out this help doc on how to add Junip to your site.

On a 1.0 / Vintage theme, we have an auto-installer that automatically adds Junip's snippets to your theme. All you have to do is head to your Store settings page, read the install instructions for your type of theme and click Add Snippets.

If you want to add it to a specific theme, click the dropdown menu and Select a theme before adding it.

Our auto-installer will do its work and then show you a summary of how the installation went.

Troubleshooting or making adjustments

If you have a complicated theme, our auto-installer may run into issues. You can use this guide on manually installing the snippets to troubleshoot or if you'd prefer to make changes to where things have been placed. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you're still having issues!

Next steps

Once this is done, you can preview your displays in Junip before enabling them.

When you're happy with your displays, you can enable them for everyone to see live on your website!

To do this, you'll want to check the box beside Enable on-site experience in your On-site settings so it looks like below. At this point, you're all set and you should be able to see your displays live on your website :)

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