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If you run a headless Shopify store or a store that doesn't support sections and wish to add a dedicated reviews page or display reviews outside of the product page you can do so by manually adding the Junip review section HTML.

Note: Before you add the HTML code below you'll need to make sure the Junip script tag and store key are on your site. Check out steps 1 & 2 of our generic HTML install guide.

The code:

<span class="junip-review-section" data-layout="list" data-reviews-type="all" data-show-summary="true" data-reviews-count="10"> <span class="junip-review-section-wrapper"></span> </span>

Be sure to fill out the proper values for each data attribute (setting) to ensure the section is looking they way you intended!

Section setting customizations:

Setting Name



list or grid


product_reviews, store_reviews or all


true or false


any number between 3-20

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