Adding a UGC gallery to your storefront

Showcase photos & videos from reviews in a dedicated widget that can be added anywhere on your storefront

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Junip UGC Media Gallery

Note: This widget is only available on the Standard plan and above. To use it you must enable "Show media gallery" via your on-site display settings.


Example Junip's UGC Media Gallery widget to display media from reviews on the dedicated reviews page.

This is an example of how SHEFIT uses Junip's UGC Media Gallery with a tile layout at the top of their dedicated reviews page.

Using your theme customizer

This widget can be added to your Shopify store via the Junip UGC Gallery App block in your theme customizer.

Adding Junip's block on shopify theme customizer

After adding the block, you can click on the block to personalize the layout (Scroll or Tile), add a title, display media submitted from all product reviews or choose a specific product, and adjust the Padding (spacing) around the content.

Edit options for the UGC gallery block

HTML sample code:

style="padding-top: 16px; padding-bottom: 16px;"


Setting name



scroll or tile


Optional; any text


Optional product ID from your ecommerce provider (ex your Shopify product ID). Leaving this empty will show images from all your product reviews.

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