In this doc we will walk through creating a basic product review template in Klaviyo. This is intended as a guideline to help you get started, feel free to match things according to your business and branding needs!

1. Create a new email template

Log into your Klaviyo account and go to Email Templates > Create Template. For this example we will be using the "Basic - 1 Column" starting templating. Give the template an appropriate name, we used "Junip - Product review template".

2. Edit the default blocks

Add your branding to the top banner block or remove it if you don't want it to appear.

Next replace the text block with some greeting text, we used the following:

Hey {{ first_name|default:'there' }}! Take a second to review your recent purchase.

Add a "Horizontal Rule" block below it to provide some visual separation.

Next add a text block. In this block we will show the products we want the customer to review. This can be done by using the following code and adding it to the source of the block:

{% for item in event.order_line_items %} <p style="text-align: center"><img src="{{ item.image_url }}" width="250px" /></p> <p style="text-align: center"><a href="{{ item.review_url }}">{{ }}</a></p> {% endfor %}

Add another "Horizontal Rule" for spacing. Your template should be looking similar to this:

3. Add a leave a review CTA

Add another text block and enter text that will help entice a customer to leave a review. We used "Click a product title or the button below to leave a review :)"

Below this add a "Button" block. Set the button text to whatever you wish (we chose "Leave a review") and the "Link URL" to be {{ event.order_review_url }}.

We also added a "Spacer" block below the button to better separate the CTA from the unsubscribe footer.

4. Preview your email

To preview your template click the preview button on the left, expand "Advanced

Options" and paste in the following JSON data:

{ "event": { "order_line_items": [{ "id": "12345", "price": 10.0, "quantity": 1, "name": "Sample product", "image_url": "", "review_url": "" }], "order_review_url": "" } }

Note this is just placeholder data, links and product images will reflect your store data once this template is actually used.

That's it! You've successfully created a Junip product review template in Klaviyo 🎉

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