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Adding integrations to your flows
Adding integrations to your flows
The first step in setting up marketing integrations in Junip
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Integrating Junip with your email and SMS marketing platforms means that you can start sending personalized, on-brand review messages to customers the same way you send the rest of your messages. We send events to these platforms that you can use to trigger flows that will request reviews, reward incentives, follow-up after a review is submitted, etc.

In this guide, we'll be covering the following:

Getting started

To get started, you'll want to install the integrations that you want to use. You can do that on your Integrations page.

Make sure that you understand the basics of flows before you go any further. If you're unsure, check out our flow basics here.

We'll use the example of the product review request flow (but the same will apply for other flows, like the one for rewarding an incentive).

To add an integration to this flow, click Add action at the bottom of the page and select your desired integration. If you aren't seeing your integration listed, make sure that it's properly installed here.

You can decide what messages you send from which platforms, and when. Flows provide a really easy way to visualize what's being sent to the different integration partners so that you can keep track of how you're talking to customers about reviews.

Avoid double sending

In this example, now that I've added Klaviyo to send a review request via email, I'll want to remove my default Junip template so that I'm not sending the same request twice.

Note: When removing any message or event, make sure that you don't have anything in queue that's meant to be sent through this path, because it will be cancelled when you remove it.

Multiple integrations

If I wanted to add an SMS integration as well, I can Add action again and add Postscript, for example. I'll probably want to change my conditions (time delays) so that my email and SMS review requests will be sent at different times.

By looking at my current flow, I can see that 7 days after the order is fulfilled, Junip will send an event to Klaviyo and 3 days later (or 10 days after the order is fulfilled), Junip will send an event to Postscript. This means that my SMS request will remind the customer to leave a review if they haven't already.

Cancellation triggers are built in to Junip's conditions, meaning if a customer leaves a review while your events are in the queue, they won't be sent to the integration. Nothing that you need to setup for this!

Creating flows on the integration platforms

The last step is to setup the flows on the actual integration platforms. In my example, this means setting up a flow in Klaviyo and in Postscript. This is a super important step because without them, Junip will just send the event to Klaviyo but nothing will happen (aka no email will be sent). By setting up a flow on Klaviyo, I'm telling them that when the event is sent to them, they should use it to send an email or SMS message that I've designed.

The following guides will explain how to setup a product review request flow for our different integration partners:

Make sure that your flows on integration platforms are switched to live and that they are all properly triggered by the "Junip - Review request" event.

Feel free to test different combinations of email and SMS integrations (eg. you can try sending email first and following up with an SMS, or vice versa). You can use more than one integration, or combine Junip's emails with an SMS integration -- there's no right answer as long as it works for you!

Happy sending 😊

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