This guide will walk you through the basic elements of a review request flow within Omnisend. Our integration sends events from Junip to Omnisend, and by setting up a workflow in Omnisend, these events can trigger actions like sending an email or SMS to customers.

By the end of this guide, your workflow should look like this:

Now, to the fun part!

First, you'll want to click Automation in the top menu bar and then select Create custom workflow.

There are a few things you'll want to have in every flow you create:

  1. Junip - Review request kicks off the flow

  2. Set a "Trigger Filter" of all_items_reviewed is false

  3. Exit the flow when Junip - Review submitted happens

After you've done those 3 things and clicked Update, you'll want to drag an email or SMS in from the left-hand menu. We don't have to worry about a time delay because you've already set this up in Junip when you used this guide.

Add a subject line, pre-header, sender's name, and sender's email address and click Update to register those changes. You can also rename your workflow to something like "Junip - Review request" and you should have something that looks like this!

Next steps:

  • save your work so far and then click Edit content in the email to setup your review request email template using this guide.

  • when you're ready, click Start workflow to enable the flow you've just setup and to start sending review requests to customers!

  • of course, this is just the beginning, feel free to make any changes or add new flow actions to your workflow to get more out of it :)

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