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Junip uses flows to make it easy for you to visualize what is being sent to your customers & when.

In the Flows section of your Junip admin, you'll find the flows that we use to automatically send messages to your customers, which helps keep things easy for you and seamless for the customer.

Flows section in Junip admin

We'll be covering a couple of topics in this guide:

Flow basics

To get started, you'll want to review the basics of flows, which explains the common elements of all flows.

Post purchase review request flow in Junip

This will help you understand the trigger, conditions, and action that make up our flows. With this understanding, you'll want to setup the different flows and turn them on so that messages can start being sent out for relevant orders.

Note: if you turn on a flow with an action that says "Send email from Junip" then the messages will start being sent to customers as soon as possible. If you turn on a flow with an action that says "Send event to ____" then Junip will start sending those events to integration partners as soon as possible, but a message won't be sent to customers until that is setup properly on the integration platform. More on requesting reviews through integrations.

Types of flows

We'll now cover the different type of flows that are available for you to leverage:

Post purchase review request flow

This is your most important flow that will manage the review requests being sent to customers. Here, you'll tell Junip:

  1. how to trigger the flow (order fulfilled vs. order delivered),

  2. what conditions need to be met for a review request to be sent, and finally,

  3. how we'll send that request (using Junip's emails vs. through an integration).

Post purchase review request in Junip admin

Once you turn this flow on, Junip will start to complete the action for any orders that were placed & triggered after you installed Junip.

Review submitted actions flow

This flow will handle any actions that are taken after a review is submitted in Junip.

Most often, it can be used to send an incentive to customers who submit a review (if we have that enabled in Junip). You'll see other available actions at the bottom of the screen, such as sending review data to integration partners or to Shopify flow to trigger all sorts of other available actions.

Review submitted action view in Junip admin

Once you turn this flow on, it may not send any messages right away, but it can make sure that info is being sent to the right places as reviews start to be submitted.

One-time campaign requests flow

While the post purchase review request flow above will automatically send a review request for any new orders since Junip was installed, this campaign flow will allow you to easily send a review request to customers who made a purchase in the past.

This is perfect for brands who are starting from scratch with reviews, or who may have missed sending some requests while they were getting things setup on Junip.

Campaign view in Junip admin

You'll want to setup this flow but you may not want to run a campaign right away, we discuss the steps & things to consider in this guide.

Avoid double sending

Once you turn on your flows in Junip, you'll want to make sure that you're not still sending review requests with your past provider (if relevant).

It's also important to make sure that you don't unintentionally have two actions in a flow that are doing the same thing. Here are two examples of flows with two actions, one that is acceptable and the other that is not!

An example that does not work:

Wrong flow, two action sending at the same time

An example that does work:

Correct flow, two action sending at different times & place

What's next?

If you're sending your messages through Junip, then we're all set here and next, we can consider sending a campaign to kick things off.

If you're planning on sending messages using an integration partner like Klaviyo or Postscript, then you've likely set things up on the Junip side, so now you'll want to check out this guide to finish setup on the integration platforms.

Have questions?

Check out our Flows section of the Help Center for more guides on the topic, or feel free to reach out to our support team for some help!

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