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A one-time campaign is a great option if you're just starting with reviews now and have not collected yet, or if you're moving over from another provider and there was a period of time during the transition where customers weren't being sent review requests.

We make it easy to send review requests to these past customers and help you collect some more reviews!

We wrote a blog post that goes in more detail on campaigns here.

Getting started

To get started, you'll want to decide if you will be sending these review requests using Junip's emails or through an integration as that will determine what your next steps look like. We'll go through those below:

Sending a campaign using Junip's emails

You can head to your campaign flow builder to get started. We've outlined the entire process for sending a campaign using Junip's emails in this guide.

Let us know if you have any questions at all before sending!

Sending a campaign through an integration

This can sometimes be confused with the "Campaign" tool in Klaviyo but this is not the same thing. Our campaign will be triggered from Junip, and then run into a flow that you setup in the integration (like Klaviyo) to be sent to customers.

If you're sending the campaign through an integration, you'll need to setup a flow in your integration and turn it on before continuing. You can find instructions to do this with the docs here, just choose the integration you're using.

Once that's all setup on the integration side, then you can make a few tweaks in your campaign flow builder in Junip before launching the campaign.

The most important tweak is to adjust the action in your flow from "Send emails from Junip" to "Send event to ______". You can use the "quick add" feature at the bottom of the flow but make sure to delete the old action to avoid double sending.

You'll also notice under Conditions, that by default, we will require that customers are opted in to marketing to receive the review request via campaign. This means that not all customers who placed an order in the campaign's timeframe will receive the review request. This is the law in a lot of places, but feel free to adjust given the laws in your specific region.

When your flow looks like the one above, then check out this guide on finishing with the launch :)


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