The Junip integration with Postscript allows you to manage the entire review solicitation process from Postscript.

Sending review requests from Postscript directly helps in maintaining consistent communication flow with the rest of your post purchase marketing. Sending review requests via SMS leads to higher submission rates & more photos/videos, as more customers are submitting reviews from their phone.

We also create an event in Postscript when a new review is submitted, letting you track your success and follow up with customers.

First things first is authorizing Junip to send events to Postscript. You can do that in our admin at "".

Once you've added your Postscript API key, we'll begin sending four events into Postscript:

1. Junip - Order fulfilled
2. Junip - Order Targeted By Campaign
3. Junip - Review created

4. Junip - Incentive rewarded

A full list of the variables for these events can be found here.

Junip - Order fulfilled

This is used to fully manage the post purchase review request flow within Postscript, no longer sending any review requests from Junip. This doc covers how to make a basic product review request flow.

Junip - Order Targeted By Campaign

This event is triggered by our Campaign builder. When you create a campaign audience within Junip, you can send it to Postscript as an event instead of sending the review request email from Junip.

Junip - Review created

Review created sends an event to Postscript when someone leaves a review (along with the data from that review). You can use it to kick off flows like refer-a-friend, or segments like "happy customers" & "detractors".

Junip - Incentive rewarded

This event is triggered when a customer gets rewarded with an incentive after leaving a review. You can use Postscript to send customers their discount code instead of sending the incentive email from Junip.

Making the switch

If you're already sending requests through Junip & switching to send through Postscript, you may want to be careful to not double send. The best way to make sure you avoid this is to turn off your emails in Junip when you turn on the Postscript flow, then make up the missed customers with a campaign. If you have any questions on this just shoot us a message.

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