This article will help you create a simple product review flow on Attentive. When you're finished, you will be able to automatically send an SMS to a consumer who purchased a product and ask them to submit a review!

Automation campaigns in Attentive are called Journeys. First, you'll click Journeys on the left menu and create a new one by selecting + Create Journey which is a yellow button on the top right on your screen. Click Custom Journey and then select Junip - Order fulfilled as the trigger.

Note: If you aren't seeing Junip's custom events as options, it's probably because you haven't authorized Junip to send our events yet (see this guide first).

You'll select Send a message about something else which relates to all review related events and then click Get started.

By the end of this guide, your Journey should look something like this:

Now we'll walk you through how to get there, step-by-step.

Add a delay

You can add a time delay by dragging Wait from the Rules menu on the left into the Journey under your trigger event. Set this to the number of days it normally takes for your product to be delivered to a customer after the order is fulfilled (we set ours to 7 days).

Note: if you're sending SMS and email review requests, you'll want to consider how these are timed (most merchants choose to send a request via SMS first, followed by an email request a day or two later.

Add a branch

You'll add a Branch by dragging it into your Journey from the Rules menu on the left. The condition will be What segment the subscriber is in and when you click Choose segment, you'll want to Create a new segment for this Journey.

Create a segment

Our segment will check to see if the customer has left a review since starting this flow, so we can use Junip - review created under "custom events" and check for the same number of days as our delay (eg. 7 days). This way, if a customer left a review through a different channel before we could text them, we won't send them a review request. You'll Name your segment something like "Review created in the last 7 days" and Save.

Now that your segment is in Branch 1 and you click Save, your Journey will have split into two paths. Those who move down the left side are customers who have already left a review since starting this flow so they don't require any more steps. For those on the right side, we want to Send them a message so we'll drag that in.

Add a message

When configuring your text message, make sure to include the {order_review_url} by clicking on the " { } " button to open the list of available variables. When customers click this link, they'll be able to leave a review for the product(s) they purchased. If you have connected Attentive to Shopify, then you can also include {first_name} to add some personalization. Name your Message "Review request" and click Save.

The last thing we need is to add an End the Journey step, which we can drag onto the + at the very bottom so that both paths will end at this point. Click Save and your Post purchase review request journey is now ready to go.

When you Turn on the journey, you'll start collecting reviews via SMS!

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