How to integrate Junip with on-site technology (search, recommendations, upsells etc)
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If your app display products on a merchants website, it makes sense to show the review stars alongside the product. The rightmost product in this example shows how merchants typically want this to display. These stars will also include review count (total reviews on a product) if the merchant has them enabled.

Integrating with Junip to display this within your app is very simple.

If your app is rendering rating information using Shopify's standard metafields your all set! Junip pushes rating information to the standard product reviews namespace:

{{ }}
{{ }}

If your app renders content using liquid, add the following under the product title:

{% render 'junip-product-summary', product: product %}

If your app renders content using HTML, add the following under the product title:

<span class="junip-product-summary" data-product-id="<PID>"></span>

Junip listens on changes in the DOM and re-renders. So there is no hook required to trigger our Javascript.

Let us know ( when you've integrated & we'll add you to our directory. Please also note which snippet you used to integrate & anything a brand would have to do to use the integration within your app.

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