Junip works with with the other apps in your tech stack to help display reviews everywhere that matters.

In this help doc you'll find a list of the apps (upsells, product recommendations) that offer a seamless integration with Junip & a few notes on how to put them to work:

Checkout Promotions

Display your products' star ratings on your upsells & promotions.

  • To enable, go to your Checkout Promotions account > settings > integrations and find Junip on the list of available integrations, then click “enable”.

To learn how to add star ratings to your promotions, read here!


Display star ratings under products in your WISER product recommendation widgets and popups.

  • To enable, go to your WISER dashboard > Customize Widgets > Product Reviews & enable the 'Junip' toggle button


Display star ratings under products in your VideoWise videos.

  • To enable, go to your VideoWise dashboard & head to Settings > Integrations & select Junip from the "Platforms" dropdown


Display star ratings alongside product recommendations across all Rebuy widgets. To find more information, visit this guide from the Rebuy team.


Add your Junip review widget and star ratings to any Shopify landing page or section that you build with Replo. Start by adding Replo to your Shopify store, or reach out to support@replo.app with any questions about how to set this up.

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