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Getting Started - Product Reviews & Ratings in Google Shopping
Getting Started - Product Reviews & Ratings in Google Shopping

Read this guide to learn how to start displaying reviews in Google Shopping with Junip

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As an official Google Shopping partner, Junip is able to automatically syndicate Product Reviews to your Free Product Listings and Shopping Ads in Google.

Star ratings on Google Shopping Ads

Reviews consistently improve your conversion rate on both organic search in Shopping & in your Product Listing Ads.

How it works

Junip works with Google Shopping to show product reviews and ratings on your Google Shopping ads and free product listings. To make this happen, Junip passes a review feed to Google that contains review data and your product catalog.

Once the integration is enabled, Junip automatically syncs your review feed with Google on an ongoing basis. No extra work is required. Google uses a process called product matching to display reviews on product listings.

This process only works if your products have strong identifiers and the identifiers in your Junip product catalog & Google Merchant Center, are identical.

For more details about how product matching works, read here.


Before displaying reviews on Google, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a Google Merchant Center account and participate in the Free Product Listings program and/or Shopping Ads.

  • You must have at least 50 total verified product reviews in order to participate.

  • Your Product Catalog in Junip and Google Merchant Center must be identical (i.e product identifiers are consistent and valid).

  • Each product in your catalog must have at least one valid strong identifier (i.e GTIN or Brand + MPN pairing) for each applicable product. Learn more about strong identifiers in Google.

  • Your Shop URL in Junip must be the same as the URL connected to your Google Merchant Center account. Check your Shop URL in Junip here.

Getting Started

Before turning on the integration with Google Shopping, it's important that you meet all of the requirements listed above. If not, reviews may not successfully be displayed on Google Shopping.

❗️If your products are missing strong identifiers, follow this guide for instructions on how to edit your product catalog in Junip.

  1. To enable syndication, head to Admin > Syndication > click Manage next to Google Shopping

  2. Click "Turn on" and we'll begin syncing

It can take the Google Shopping team up to a few weeks to begin displaying reviews, but after that reviews will continue to automatically update.

Google Shopping syndication on in Junip admin

And now you should have reviews in Google Shopping! πŸŽ‰


How do I check if my products have strong identifiers?

To check if your product catalog in Junip is missing strong identifiers (i.e GTIN or Brand + MPN pairing) go to your Products > Catalog health and press "Details" in the top right of the section titled "Current Catalog".

product catalog in Junip

The number of GTINs and MPNs should match the number of Total products.

If your catalog is missing strong identifiers, follow this guide for detailed instructions on how to view which products are missing strong identifiers and how to add them.

Are all reviews sent to Google?

Yes. As per Google's requirements, Junip is obligated to send all reviews, including rejected reviews.
​Note: Google reserves the right to filter out any reviews that do not adhere to their content policies.

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