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If you're on our pro+ plans, you have the option of adding an additional store to your Junip dashboard. This is most relevant when the same organization is overseeing more than one store, eg. the same brand has sites in multiple regions. These stores will fall under the same plan and you can easily toggle between their dashboards, rather than having to login and back out every time you want to switch views.

To add that second (or third, or fourth) store:

1. You'll want to sign in to your Junip admin using your Pro plan account

2. Go to the top left and click Connect a store

3. In the modal, input your Shopify store name and hit Connect

Here's a summary of those first few steps for you:

4. You'll get taken to Shopify to Approve

5. Then you'll get directed back to Junip where you'll want to login again

And that's it!
You should now be able to go back to the top left > click on your store name > and see multiple stores under the same organization. From there, you can click on a store to switch to its dashboard. Note: users added to any of these stores will have access to the connected stores.

Thanks for getting your second store setup with Junip - we hope it's as successful as the first :)

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