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Why did Junip bulk make discounts in Shopify?
Why did Junip bulk make discounts in Shopify?
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tl;dr - Discount code creation & Discount code distribution do not happen simultaneously.

If you've enabled an Incentive in Junip & then visit your Shopify dashboard, you'll likely see a small number of unique discounts have been created all at once:

Example of Junip bulk discount codes in Shopify

This is an intended behaviour & no, your customers are not receiving discounts by accident.

Shopify has something called "Rate Limits" on the ability for Apps like Junip to create discounts - this means, in the instance many customers submit a review at the same time, Junip might be waiting on Shopify to provide us with a code before we can display it to the customer.

To prevent your customer being disappointed & not receiving their discount, we create a small pool that are kept in holding - so Junip is always ready!

Have a look at our Incentives section of the help center for details on using incentives in Junip or more frequently asked questions!

If there's anything that still isn't clear, let us know at

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