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How do I see an incentive that's been rewarded?
How do I see an incentive that's been rewarded?
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If you have incentives enabled in Junip and customers are receiving a discount for leaving a review, then there are a few places where you can see these incentives.

In your Manage Reviews section

You'll see an icon beside a review that has been rewarded with an incentive, hovering over the icon will show you the description in the screenshot below, "The review has been rewarded"

viewing if a review received an incentive

If you click on a review with this icon that was rewarded, there will be a section with the reward information. That way, you can always refer back to this if the customer loses the code or has any issues

Reward received badge on reviews

In your Incentives section

You can see how many times the incentive has been claimed.

In your Shopify admin

In your Discounts section, you'll see the codes that Junip has created (note: we bulk create codes to be able to offer a seamless experience for customers, so not all codes are indicative of a reward, have a look at this guide for details).

Have a look at our Incentives section of the help center for details on using incentives in Junip or more frequently asked questions!

If there's anything that still isn't clear, let us know at

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