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Everything you need to know about incentives in Junip

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Junip can help you to create a unique, one-time use discount code when someone leaves a review as a reward for doing so. We can handle all of the work in the backend to make this happen, including checking if the reviewer is eligible for a review, creating the code using your Shopify discount engine, & showing it to them when they are.

Read on to learn all you need to know about incentives in Junip, including:

Different types of incentives

You can incentivize customers to leave reviews by choosing between two different incentives:

  • Standard Incentive: given to any customer who leaves a review, regardless of content

  • Media Incentive: given to customers who include media in their reviews. Eligible customers will receive this instead of the standard incentive.

For each incentive, you can select one of the following types:

  • Free shipping coupon

  • Dollar-off coupon

  • Percentage off coupon

How to add an incentive in Junip

Head to Incentives in your Junip Admin to set up the incentives feature.

  1. Choose Standard Incentive or Media Incentive

  2. Select the type

  3. If "Fixed discount" or "Percentage discount", input the value

  4. Choose whether or not you'd like to offer this to unverified buyers as well (we recommend not)

  5. Hit "Add incentive"! πŸŽ‰

Note: only one incentive will be rewarded per order, even if the customer has purchased several products and submitted a review for each of them. More on that here.

Adding a standard incentive in Junip

Tip: Now that you're offering an incentive, you might want to consider letting your customers know! For example, adding it to the subject line or copy of your review request messages can be a good place to start :)

Tiered incentives

You can decide to have both Standard & Media incentives enabled simultaneously, with the Media Incentive offering a higher reward (i.e. customers who leave a standard review receive a 10% discount, and customers who leave a photo review get a 15% discount).

If you have both Standard & Media incentives enabled, the customer will only receive the best available incentive they are eligible for. A customer will not receive both the Standard and Media incentive.

Screenshot of both a standard and media incentive enabled at the same time

How incentives work in Shopify

Junip has access to your discount engine in Shopify which is how we create these one-time use, unique discount codes so that they live with the rest of your codes and can be used by customers in Shopify's various checkouts.

In your Shopify Admin > Discounts section, you'll see that we've automatically created pools of discount codes to be used as rewards for reviews when relevant. The discount codes that we create are easily distinguishable because they have the prefix "JP-"

Junip incentive codes in Shopify admin

What this looks like for customers

Notifying customers within the review form

If you're offering a media incentive, we will automatically add a dynamic prompt on the "Add media" step of the review form to let customers know as well!

media incentive in Junip review form

Rewarding the incentive after customers leave a review

Customers will receiving their discount code on the submission page of the review form after they leave a review, as you can see below:

rewarding an incentive code after customers leave a review

Emailing customers their discount code

Junip will also automatically email customers a copy of their discount code (the same one above that they saw in the review form). For this to be sent out automatically, your Review submitted actions flow will need to be enabled in Junip here, and you'll want this to be an action in that flow.

Screenshot of the "Review submitted actions" flow in Junip's admin

You can edit the copy of the message that's sent from your Templates page, by editing the "Incentive email template" that can be found there.

Using integrations to send incentive emails

If you're using our integrations, you can also send the "Incentive email template" above through that platform using our Junip - Review Submitted event.


Do discount codes expire?

By default, Junip's incentive codes do not have an expiry date. They will remain active and available for customers to use unless they are manually disabled in your Shopify admin.

Can Junip's incentives be combined with other discounts?

By default, Junip's codes are set to not be combined with other discounts. This is to avoid having customers stacking discounts to receive too large of a discount, which is a common concern amongst merchants.

Any other questions about incentives?

Check out our Incentives FAQ section and if you don't see your question there, reach out to us at so that we can help!

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