How to incentivize reviews
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You can incentivize customers to leave reviews by choosing between two different incentives:

  • Standard Incentive: given to any customer who leaves a review, regardless of content

  • Media Incentive: given to customers who include media in their reviews. Eligible customers will receive this instead of the standard incentive.

For each incentive, you can select one of the following types:

  • Free shipping coupon

  • Dollar-off coupon

  • Percentage off coupon

Head to Incentives in your Junip Admin to set up the incentives feature. If you installed Junip before May 5th, you'd be met with this banner:

You have to re-authenticate with Shopify so we can generate coupon codes for your store.

Once you have the right permissions, creating an incentive is easy.

  1. Choose Standard Incentive or Media Incentive

  2. Select the type

  3. If "Fixed discount" or "Percentage discount", input the value

  4. Choose whether or not you'd like to offer this to unverified buyers as well (we recommend not)

  5. Hit "Add incentive"! ๐ŸŽ‰

You can only ever have one active incentive type at a time, but you're welcome to edit & switch between types as you wish! You can decide to have both Standard & Media incentives enabled simultaneously, with the Media Incentive offering a higher reward (i.e. customers who leave a standard review receive a 10% discount, and customers who leave a photo review get a 15% discount). In this case, the customer will only receive one incentive.

Incentives will display to customers in their browser when they submit a review, as you can see below:

By default, Junip will also automatically email customers a copy of their discount code (the same one above that they saw in their browser). At the bottom of your Templates page, there's an "Incentive email template" for this; feel free to edit the template!

If you're using our integrations, then you may be happy to know that you can also send this email through that platform (similar to the way that you're sending review requests). Ask our team for details!

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