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Why are my changes not showing up?
Why are my changes not showing up?
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If your Junip admin changes or approved/rejected reviews aren't immediately visible on your live site, don't panic. Your changes will be implemented, and your reviews will be published automatically, but it may take a few minutes due to cached displays. Caching is a technique that helps store frequently used data temporarily to speed up website loading times and responsiveness. This only happens when you make repeated requests to the same data, and it won't affect your new customers on your site as they will be able to see the changes instantly.

To see changes immediately on your end, go to your On-site settings in your Junip admin and click on the link in the call-out box at the top of the page.

All this link does is add this line of code ?junip-break-cache=true to your store URL to break the cache in your browser for you to see changes immediately.

If you went through all the above and the problem persists, please get in touch with support! Our team is always happy to help :)

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