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Covering areas directly associated with the customer object such as attributes

1 article

Getting started

Everything you need to know to get Junip up & running on your store

4 articles

Account & user management

Managing your Junip account & the users within your organization

3 articles


Look & feel of Junip. Branding applies throughout forms, on-site & messages

4 articles


How your customers actually leave reviews for your brand :)

1 article


Using various types of coupons to incentivize customers to leave reviews

2 articles


Send review requests & other data directly through your marketing automation tool

11 articles


Covers all communication sent from Junip: requesting reviews & verifying customers

7 articles

Moderation & content

Covering the moderation, active management & migration of review content within Junip

7 articles

On-site displays

Displays on the product page, reviews page & general website sections

6 articles


Covering advanced concepts like product traits & product grouping

5 articles

Exporting reviews

How to export your reviews from older review vendors

1 article