• Junip - Order Fulfilled
  • Junip - Order Targeted By Campaign
  • Junip - Review Created

Order Event Variables

  • all_items_reviewed - whether all of the order's items have been reviewed by the customer that placed the order
  • order_id - the Shopify ID of the order
  • order_country_code - the country code where the order was delivered
  • order_currency - the currency that the order was purchased in
  • order_line_items - a list of the line items from the order that have not been reviewed (see the line item format below)
  • order_total_price - the total price of the order
  • order_subtotal_price - the order subtotal
  • order_review_url - the authorized URL that the customer can use to leave a review on products from the order
  • store_reviewed - whether or not the customer has left a store review
  • store_review_url - the authorized URL that the customer can use to leave a review on the store

Line item format

  • id - the Shopify ID of the line item
  • name - the name of the line item, e.g. "MacBook Pro"
  • price - the price of the line item
  • quantity - the amount of this line item that was purchased
  • image_url - a URL for the image of the product purchased
  • review_url - the authorized URL that allows a customer to leave a review on this product before the other products in the order

Review Event Variables

  • review_id - the Junip ID for the review
  • review_body - the main content of the review
  • review_identity_confirmed - whether we have verified that the person who wrote this review is the person they say they are
  • review_identity_confirmation_url - the authorized URL for confirming the identity of the person that wrote the review
  • review_rating - the rating out of 5
  • review_state - the state of the review (pending, approved, or rejected)
  • review_title - the title of the review
  • review_type - denotes if the review is a product review or a store review (product_review, store_review)
  • review_verified_buyer - whether the writer of this review is a verified buyer
  • review_would_recommend - whether the writer of this review would recommend the product or store
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