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Advanced display settings
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Advanced display settings are powerful tweaks that can enhance the review displays on your site.

It's important to note that while certain behaviours may make perfect sense for some brands & they may make no sense for others. Advanced settings is a feature on the Standard plan as they tend to make more sense for larger brands.

To get to advanced display settings, head to On-site & then scroll to the bottom. Here are the topics we'll cover in this guide:

Advanced settings view from Junip admin

1. Enable write a review on-site

Unchecking this box, simply means the "write a review" button will no longer appear on your product pages. It does not affect your post-purchase requests.

Screenshot of write a review button on a product page

Disabling this makes total sense for a large store, especially those trying to optimize conversion rate. For a smaller brand, it often makes sense to keep this enabled.

2. Enable dark mode

If your site has a dark color scheme, it makes sense to check 'Enable dark mode' box.

3. Number of reviews to display

Changes the number of reviews you show on your product page on page load.

4. Remove displays with no reviews

When 'Remove displays with no reviews' is checked, it hides the Junip widgets on any product page that doesn't have any reviews yet. When this is unchecked, we would show a CTA to "write the first review".

Be the first to leave a review cta on a product page

Keeping this checked and hiding the Junip widget, makes a ton of sense for larger brands rolling out new products (as customers expect reviews, so reminding them that there aren't any is suboptimal), but less for small brands who are just getting started (where customers know & expect you to be smaller).

5. Show featured reviews first

Enabling this, all reviews that are marked as featured from the Managed Reviews section will be pinned on top of the review section and loaded before other reviews.

6. Show media gallery

Checking the Show media gallery box will show a gallery of all media collected for that product on top of the review section. Note: the media gallery will display on product pages that have at least 3 reviews with media.

media gallery enabled on a product page

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