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Custom questions are a great way to capture further customer data and receive more detailed feedback on your products. Once created in your Junip admin, they become part of the review submission experience alongside the classic review questions. Public responses will be displayed dynamically on your product page review section, helping speed up new customers' decision-making process. You can see more details & examples of questions in our blog post here. Note: This feature is available on the Standard plan and higher.

There are currently three types of custom questions:

  1. Multiple Choice - customers can select one response from a list of options. These help gather customer attributes (e.g. age, skin type, expected use, etc), and become filters on top of the review section on your product page

  2. Written Answer - this is an open answer, meaning customers write their own response

  3. Linear Scale - customers rate product traits on a custom 5-point scale (e.g. fit, size, quality, usability, etc)

Custom questions displays on product pages

Custom questions can be applied to different products, so if you want consistent questions, you don't need to always remake them!

How to create Custom questions

To get started, you'll head to the Custom questions section of admin > click 'Create Question' (or New Question if you already have created some )> select the question type. In the example below, we're making a 'Multiple Choice' custom question, but you can follow the same process for the 'Linear Scale' and 'Written Answer' question types.

Multiple choice custom question section in Junip admin

You'll want to set a Display Name (this will show on your product page, e.g. Age) and the Question you want to ask. Then you want to add the response options that customers can select under Responses/ New Option and click 'Save' (like we'll do for the Combination option below).

Multiple choice question fields

Next, we'll need to let Junip know which products you'd like to apply this custom question to. In the Product assignment section, you can assign the question to all your products or only some products using Conditions.

Custom question product assignment section

The last step before saving your new custom question is to set the Response sharing settings to Public or Private. Responses to public questions are published with reviews, whereas responses to private questions are only visible to team members through your Junip admin. Note: Once created, private questions can never be switched to public!

Custom question sharing details, public or private

After you hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page, you'll see the custom questions added and any existing ones here. Feel free to add more or edit the one you just created!

Created custom question example in Junip admin

Once a question is added, we automatically start including it in forms & displays! If you want to preview the review experience with the newly created custom questions, head to Forms/Preferences > Preview > select a product that you applied the custom question to and click Preview πŸŽ‰

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