Custom questions let you ask a customers anything you'd like alongside the classic review. This feature is available on the Standard plan and higher.

There are currently two types of custom questions: short answer & multiple choice (radio).

Custom questions can be applied to different products, so if you want consistent questions you don't need to remake them every time! To get started, you'll head to the Custom questions section of admin. You should see this screen:

You'll see any existing custom questions here and can click "create a custom question" if you want to make your first!

In the example below, we're making a "radio" (aka multiple choice) option, but you can follow the same process for short answer.

Name: this is a short name describing this customer attribute. It's what shows on your storefront alongside the attribute.

Type: radio is the only option at this point (multiple choice)

Question: this is a prompt describing what the customer is inputting. Consider it a longer version of the "name" phrased as a question

Value: this is the value the customer is choosing & what will show on the storefront as their answer

Description: you can add help text here to let them better understand the value

Click "Add" to any new options (like we'll do for the Margarine option above) and then let us know which products you want to apply this custom question to. You can do that by using the matching rules -- try adding different rules and using "View matched products" to make sure you've matched the correct ones for this question.

After you hit "Create", you'll see the custom question added. Feel free to add more or edit the one you just created!

Once an question is added we automatically start including it in forms & displays! 🎉

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