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An overview of the integration and how to set it up

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Junip's integration with Gorgias allows you to manage review follow-up without leaving the Gorgias help desk.

This integration allows you to respond directly to reviews privately via email or through Junip's public review response. You also have the ability to see a customer's past reviews from the Gorgias dashboard, and have easy access to links that you can share with the customer for them to leave a review or edit their existing review.

In this guide, we'll cover:

How does the integration work

We send reviews that meet a specified star rating criteria (eg. 2 stars and below) directly as tickets to the Gorgias help desk. From there, you can respond to the review via email or through Junip's public review response system.

Setting up the integration

Connect Junip to your Gorgias account

  1. Open your Gorgias account and click on Tickets / Settings

  2. Scroll to "App Store" and select All apps

  3. On the top right corner search bar, search for and select Junip

  4. Click on Connect App > then select Authorize on the authorization screen

  5. Lastly, click Continue and this will redirect you to the Gorgias integration section of your Junip admin

Add the integration to your flows in Junip

Now that you've connected Gorgias with your Junip admin, you need to add Gorgias as an Action in your Review submitted actions flow so that we can start sending events there.

To do so, visit the Flows section in your Junip admin, click Edit beside the "Review submitted actions" flow and add Gorgias under the "Available actions" section.

Gorgias added to the post review actions flow

Setup ticket rules

In "Conditions", select the star rating that you want to trigger a new ticket in Gorgias and click "Save". In the below example, any review with a rating of 3 stars or lower will create a ticket.

Actions you can take directly from Gorgias

Now that you've enabled the integration and set up the ticket rules reviews that meet the specified criteria will create a ticket in Gorgias. Below are some of the different things you can do there:

  • Privately respond to customers via email

  • Write a public reply directly from Gorgias, which will pull in Junip admin & display on-site along with the review. You can do so by clicking on "Publicly Reply" under "Junip Reply" on the right side > add your reply and click Execute. This will turn the value of "Junip Reply Status" to True

    Junip publick reply button in gorgias admin
  • Under "Junip Reviews", you'll find some handy links such as the "Edit Review Link", which allows customers to edit their review & the "Leave Review Link", which allows customers to see all the products they've purchased that can be reviewed (more on this here). You'll also be able to see customer's past reviews "Review".

Manual links and customer's past reviews in gorgias
  • Lastly, by clicking on "Shopify", you'll be able to pull the order information.

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