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Manual product review link
Manual product review link
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Need to manually send a review request link?

Visit the Forms > Manual Review Links page where you'll see different ways to do this, including:

Note: these should be used to complement your existing post purchase request flows, not replace them.

General review link

This link will allow your customer to see all of the products that they've purchased on your site that can be reviewed (once they confirm their email). This will work for any customer, regardless of what product they've purchased.

More info on this experience in our blog post here.

Product-specific review link

At the bottom of this page, you'll find a section for product-specific review links, where you select the product from your catalog and it will offer a link to review it that you can send to customers. This will work only for the specific product that the link is for.

These links are treated like an on-site "write a review" meaning customers will have to verify their email before we accept the review & we can only mark it as being from a verified buyer if we can match the email to an order.

Now you can send these links wherever you're chatting with your customers!

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