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What does confirm identity mean?
What does confirm identity mean?
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Short answer: When a review comes from an unverified source, it needs to be confirmed before it can be used in Junip. We confirm by sending an email to the address provided by the reviewer.

The difference between a confirmed review and a verified review is as follows:

Confirmed review

A review that has been submitted and the reviewer has confirmed their identity via email. Reviews need to be confirmed to show in Junip.

Verified review

A review that has been submitted + confirmed, AND we can match the review to a purchase made in Shopify. Verified reviews are given the "Verified Buyer" badge on-site.

Long answer:

You might have noticed the Confirm identity email template in your Templates page or that Junip has sent some Confirm identity emails when you check your Outbox.

First, it's important to note that the majority of your reviews are submitted through our post purchase review requests. In this case, we have the customer's order info so we know who they are and what they purchased -- they can leave a review and there's no need to confirm their identity.

Confirming comes into play for the small number of your reviews that are collected using manual review links or the "write a review" button on your site. Since these are unverified sources (meaning anyone can leave a review), we add an extra step at the end to confirm the reviewer's email. This is very important as it ensures the authenticity of the review and avoids spammers/bad actors.

The submitted review won't show in your Manage Reviews page until the reviewer confirms their email. That's why it's important that the template is enabled and if you have the chance, when you're sending a manual review link, let customers know that they'll be required to confirm their email. You'll see the status of these emails (if they've been delivered, opened, or clicked) in your Outbox under "Sent".

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