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Product reviews vs. Store reviews
Product reviews vs. Store reviews

Understand the difference between store reviews and product reviews

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What is a store review?

A store review is different than a product review. It asks customers to talk about their overall shopping experience with your store instead of the product they purchased. Store reviews can be displayed on your website using a review section or homepage carousel.

Example of store reviews on a homepage carousel:

Example of Junip's Review Carousel Widget to display store reviews on the homepage

From a customer's perspective, product reviews are more important because they provide relevant information about how a product will perform, which helps them to make their purchase decision.

Store reviews are more of a "nice to have" that provide information about your customer service.

There's 3 ways to collect store reviews

  1. After leaving a review

    If a customer has reviewed every item in their order, the submission page prompts customers to leave a store review.

  2. Post-purchase store review request

    You can adjust the percentage of product review requests vs. store review requests on your post-purchase review flow (this setting can be found in your post-purchase review request flow > conditions > advanced conditions).

    product review percent on review requests

  3. Manual review links

    You can send customers a general review link that allows customers to leave a store review, as well product reviews for previous purchases. You can also send customers a manual store review link when you're reaching out directly or chatting with them 1 to 1. Manual store review links only allow customers to leave a store review, whereas general review links can also be used to review products.

using manual review links to gather store reviews

Should you collect store reviews?

There's no downside to collecting store reviews. They're nice to have if you want to show them on pages of your website where products aren't displayed (e.x. homepage, dedicated reviews page). They're also a way to gather feedback from customers about the operational areas of your business.

However, when it comes to post-purchase review requests, product reviews should always take priority as they're more useful for customers compared to store reviews.

Answer: we recommend keeping your product review percent at 100 & enabling the store review CTA on the review form submission page as the primary method to gather store reviews.

Disabling store reviews

If you're not planning on showing store reviews on your website and would rather not collect them, you can head to forms > preferences > and uncheck the "Ask customer to leave a store review" setting. Doing this will remove the store review CTA on the review form submission page.

Disabling store reviews in Junip

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