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Gathering reviews from customers
Gathering reviews from customers

Learn about the different ways you can ask customers to leave a review

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With Junip, you have a few different options to help you gather reviews from your customers.

Here's a quick overview of each review gathering method and how they differ:

How it's used

Confirm Identity

Primary method of gathering reviews. Review request is sent after customer makes a purchase


Customers can leave a review from your website


Complement your existing post purchase review request flows


Send a one-time review request to previous customers


Prompt customers to leave a review on the submission page


Below we will cover each method of gathering reviews and important things to consider when using each one.

Automated post-purchase review requests

Post-purchase review requests are automatically sent to customers after they place an order from your store. Over 90% of all reviews are submitted with post-purchase review requests, making them the primary way brands gather reviews.

post-purchase review request flow builder in Junip

Post-purchase review request emails can be sent directly from Junip, or you can use an integration to send a review request from the email and/or SMS platform of your choice.

  • Guide to setting up the post-purchase review request flow in Junip

  • Guide to using integrations to send review requests

Things to know:

  • Customers are not asked to confirm their identity when they submit a review via post purchase review requests

  • All reviews submitted through a post purchase review request will be assigned a verified buyer badge

  • If a customer has already reviewed an item, they will not receive another review request as Junip only allows customers to review a product once

๐Ÿ’ก Read this blog post for review request email best practices & examples

On-site write a review button

This is a button at the top of review sections that customers can use to submit a review from your website. Very few reviews are submitted this way, as it requires more effort from customers to navigate back to your website versus opening a review request.

Example of the "write a review button" on Manduka's website

On-site write a review buttons appear at the top of review sections on product pages as well as the storewide review page.

Things to know:

  • Customers will be asked to enter their email and confirm their identity. If a customer does not confirm their identity, the review will not be published

  • Reviews are only marked as being from a verified buyer if we can match the email to an order

General review link

General product review links are used to manually request reviews from customers and complement your existing post purchase request flows, not replace them.

  • How it works: when customers use this link they will be asked to enter their email and they'll receive a message in their inbox that takes them to a form where they can review all of the products they've purchased from your store. Customers will also have the option to leave a store review.

  • How to use: Junip generates a QR code with your store's manual review link, a button embed, as well as a custom URL (visit the Forms > Manual Review Links page where you'll see the different ways to leverage each type of link).

general review links in Junip

Things to know:

  • Customers must enter the email they used when placing their order so Junip can lookup which products they're eligible to review

  • All reviews submitted through general review links will be assigned a verified buyer badge

One-time campaigns

Campaigns allow you to request a review from previous customers. This is super helpful if you have never collected reviews before or have just migrated from another review provider and review requests were turned off during the transition.

Setting up a review request flow in Junip

Review request campaigns can be sent directly from Junip, or through an integration of your choice.

  • Guide: How to create a campaign

Things to know:

  • If customers have already left a review for the products they purchased during the time range selected for the campaign, they will not be included in the campaign

  • Customers who have already received a review request for their purchase will also not be included in the campaign

  • Customers are not asked to confirm their identity & all reviews will be marked from a verified buyer

Submission page after leaving a review

The submission screen customers see after they leave a review prompts them to review the other items in their order. If a customer has reviewed all of the products in their most recent order, they'll be shown a CTA to leave a store review.

Asking customers to leave another review directly after a review submission is effective because you already have the customer's attention and your products are top of mind. It also makes the task of leaving another review extremely convenient as they don't have to click out of the form.

Things to know:

  • If you don't want customers to leave store reviews because you're not displaying them on your site, you can turn this setting off under forms > preferences

  • You can not customize the order in which products are shown on the submission page

  • Customers do not have to confirm their identity & all reviews will be marked from a verified buyer

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