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Can a customer edit their review on Junip?
Can a customer edit their review on Junip?

Editing & deleting reviews on Junip

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Yes! Customers can edit & modify any review they've left on Junip using "Manual Review Links", which can be found in your Admin here:

You'll also see a shortcut to this link in your Manage Reviews section when you've clicked into a review to see more info or manage it.

The same link works for all of your customers, so it's a great idea for your CX team to keep it somewhere handy (like in their notes) so that they can easily copy/paste it when having conversations with customers.

Review editing in Junip admin

When a customer lands on this link, they'll be asked to confirm who they are using a passwordless authentication.

Once we confirm their identity, we'll load all previous reviews left on Junip & they can make any adjustments they'd like!


Will I be notified when a customer edits/deletes their review?

No, you will not receive a notification when a customer edits their review or deletes their review.

Is a deleted review removed from all review displays?

Yes. When a customer deletes a review it is removed from the review section of your product page, as well as any other Junip review widget you've added throughout your website (ex. storewide reviews page, homepage carousel). This also applies when a review is updated. Note: due to cacheing, it can take a few minutes for changes to be reflected on your website.

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