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Can a customer edit their review on Junip?
Can a customer edit their review on Junip?

Editing & deleting reviews on Junip

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Yes! Customers can edit & modify any review they've left on Junip using "Manual Review Links", which can be found in your Admin here:

You'll also see a shortcut to this link in your Manage Reviews section when you've clicked into a review to see more info or manage it.

The same link works for all of your customers, so it's a great idea for your CX team to keep it somewhere handy (like in their notes) so that they can easily copy/paste it when having conversations with customers.

When a customer lands on this link, they'll be asked to confirm who they are using a passwordless authentication.

Once we confirm their identity, we'll load all previous reviews left on Junip & they can make any adjustments they'd like!

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