Manage the look & feel of Junip across all elements of the customer experience

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Junip has a central branding section in Admin where you can provide us assets & settings that are used across the customer experience, including emails, forms & on-site displays.

This document provides a quick guide to how you should manage each & where they'll be used:


Your logo is used across Review Submission Forms & any emails you send from Junip. We render the logo 150px wide, but recommend uploading an asset that's 300px wide so it appears higher fidelity on fancy screens.

You can add or change your logo in the top section of Branding 🐣


You can set both a primary & secondary color in Junip. The primary color is used across every touchpoint (forms, on-site displays & emails). The secondary color is simply to offer a second option in the button or star settings.

You can add or edit your colors in the second section of Branding ✨


Your buttons appear in emails & forms! They also will appear on-site if you keep the "write a review" option enabled.

In the third section of Branding, you're able to manage a set of options for buttons including color, text color & shape. If you want to change the primary or secondary color you can choose from, go one section up to "Colors".


Updating your star color and style will affect everywhere the stars appear, including on-site, emails & forms. To change your star color, navigate to Branding & then scroll to the bottom. You'll be able to choose from our default Gold as well as your Primary & Secondary color. If you'd like to switch your Primary or Secondary color, just head two sections up to 'Colors'.

Customizing stars color and shape in your Junip admin

To change your star's style/shape, simply click on 'Star Style' and select one of the multiple options provided.

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