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Collect more pictures & videos with reviews
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We often hear that collecting more media with reviews is a huge priority for brands who are looking to level up their reviews.

Continue reading to learn more about the tools we've built to help you gather way more media reviews from your customers.

Media Incentives

You can create a Media incentive in Junip that only rewards customers who include media in their reviews. This is a great way to encourage more customers to leave a review with media.

Head to the Incentives section in Junip to create a media incentive (note: media incentives are available on the Standard plan & above).

How customers can leave a photo/video review

Our mobile-first forms are designed to make it super easy for customers to leave a review, Customers are prompted to include media as the last step before submitting their review.

  • On Mobile, customers have the option of using the camera app to take a photo/video or pulling up their library to select an existing photo/video.

    Junip mobile-first review submission flow

  • on Desktop, customers can upload a picture from their computer or use our handoff feature lets you upload media from another device when a customer is submitting a review on desktop.

Junip's forma handoff feature

Highlight media reviews on your website

Showoff your media at the top of your review section with our media gallery feature or insert our UGC gallery anywhere on your storefront to showcase your media.

Example of our Media Gallery:

Example of COMMON AREA using Junip's media gallery

Available on our Standard plan & above. Head to the on-site section in Junip and enable media galleries under the Advanced settings section.

Example of the UGC gallery:

Example of Bridge & Burn using Junip's UGC gallery widget

Available on all plans, more details here about how to add it to your site!

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