Inviting a new user to Junip
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Inviting a new user

On your team page you can invite & manage users within your Junip organization:

To invite a new user, input their email & hit "invite user". This will prompt them to join your organization in Junip. Users must be invited by the owner, they can't just join the organization through the typical sign-up flow.

Transferring ownership & remove users

If you're the account owner you can also transfer ownership or remove any existing user in your organization.


What if the account owner no longer works for us?

If the current account owner no longer works for your company and you cannot get in contact with them, the best way to transfer ownership is by resetting their password to get access to their account.

how to reset your password in Junip

Before doing this, ensure emails to the account owner's email address are being forwarded to an inbox you have access to so you can access the password reset email.

Once you reset the password on the account owner's account, you can log in and either transfer ownership to another user or invite a new user who you would like to assign ownership to.

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