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Why is my physical address in emails?
Why is my physical address in emails?
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Most major regions today have some kind of laws & regulation around marketing communication.

CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR & many others affect how brands are allowed to communicate with their customers, as well as other things like the treatment of data.

One of the common requirements in these pieces of legislation is that messages must contain your physical address.

Taken from CASL:

"All messages sent must include your name, your physical mailing address and your telephone number, email address, or website URL"

The team at Mailchimp have put together a great in-depth guide on CASL, which you can read here.

Because of these rules, Junip pulls your physical address from Shopify & includes that in the footer of your emails - we'd recommend you do the same with any other services that are sending messages to your customers.

If you need to edit this address in Junip, you can do so using this guide.

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