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Unfortunately Stamped.io requires you to contact them to get a full export of your own data. We've been told from a number of merchants that this process isn't straight forward & often Stamped tries to make it quite difficult in an attempt to convince you to stay.

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When contacting their team, it's important that you ask them to send an export file with all review data, including photo and video files. Unfortunately Stamped does not include photo and video attachments in the self-serve export. Only the body (text) of reviews with photo & video attachments is included in the export.

Once you have received your export file from Stamped, you can simply import your reviews into Junip.

Important note: in the email with your export, their team will offer instructions about photo URLs that might be a bit confusing, but not to worry, our system will handle this for you automatically so there's nothing you need to do except drop the original file into Junip's importer!

Exporting your data from Stamped without contacting their team:

This doc from Stamped shares how to export smaller segments of data: https://help.stamped.io/article/238-review-exporting-reviews-checkout-comments

If you don't have picture & video reviews (or would like to import them separately - i.e. contact their team), you can simply export your data from Stamped and import to Junip. To do this, you can select the following filtered view and press download:

Filter > Show all where > Has Photo is > False

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Once you've exported your file, you can import it into Junip!

If you choose to import your photo & video reviews separately, we "dedupe" reviews on import, so you don't have to worry about accidentally importing the same review from Stamped twice.

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