Now that you've got your Klaviyo integration up and running, we can dive into the different flows that you can trigger with the events that Junip sends to Klaviyo.

The benefits of sending a campaign through Klaviyo include being able to use your fully customized email template and add additional segmentation to specify who will receive the email (on top of the time frame that we choose when we create a campaign).

The basic flow is very simple, it will look like this:

To get a flow that looks like this, you will want to "Create flow" and select "Create from scratch". Then, you'll add the metric of "Junip - Order Targeted by Campaign" as the flow's trigger.

After that, you will add the email that you want to send those customers targeted by the campaign. More often than not, this will be the same review request email template that you're using in your post-purchase flow.

If you want to add segmentation, you can do that in between the trigger and the email in the form of trigger or conditional splits. Otherwise, you'll set the flow to live and it's ready to go!

No need to worry about having this flow live too early because it will only be used when you manually trigger it by creating a campaign in Junip. Make sure to disable your "product review email template" and "store review email template" in your Junip Messages section before sending any campaigns.

As we explain in this guide, you will want to create a campaign for a given timeframe. The "Junip - order targeted by campaign" events will then be sent off to Klaviyo to join the flow and send review request emails to targeted customers.

Happy sending!

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