Adding custom questions (attributes) and product traits to your import template.

  1. Create the traits & custom questions in your Junip Admin - this must be done before importing your reviews

  2. Add a column for each individual trait & custom question, then include the value in the spreadsheet similar to the rest of the fields

When adding a trait, the syntax is "trait_Example Trait". So if my trait were "Fabric Quality" the column would be titled "trait_Fabric Quality".

The value in the column would be 1-5 for each review that has this property.

Note: this must be exactly the value that exists in Junip for it to successfully import. This is case sensitive.

When adding a custom question, the syntax is "attr_Example Question". So if my custom question were "Skin Type" the column would be titled "attr_Skin Type".

The value in the column would be "dry", "oily", etc - whatever the answer is.

As with traits, this also must match exactly to what exists in Admin.

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