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Junip has added a new method of generating reviews called “Review Links”. You can read more about them here: https://changelog.junip.co/manual-review-links-224344

Tl;dr - this is a dedicated link that allows a customer to complete a quick passwordless auth, then review any past purchase from a store.

When we think about the places we leave reviews the most, it's services that meet us when & where it’s convenient - Uber, Doordash, etc. This is a really big step towards enabling that experience for ecommerce brands & partners play a huge role in us seeing this through.

Ok, how do I integrate this with my app?

Integrating Review Prompts to your app is extremely straightforward & includes three simple components:

  1. A place in your admin/dashboard/etc where a merchant can drop their link

  2. Ideally a line or two explaining the concept + linking to this portion of Junip’s Admin (https://admin.juniphq.com/forms/review_links) for them to grab the URL (think of this similar to how you’d link to Klaviyo’s Admin to grab their API key).

    Some example copy: “Add your Junip Review Link to prompt customers to leave a review for past purchases (from their subscription portal, after completing a survey etc)”

  3. A customer facing element (button, QR code, hyperlink, simple URL) that includes the URL

**Bonus** If you want to create an even smoother experience, you can pass us the end customers email when you generate that link using URL params. Shoutout to Gil @ Checkout Promotions for this idea.

As an example, for my demo store Very Good Bread my Review Link is:


With the customers email pre-populated, it’s:


While integrating into your app, feel free to test these links on a demo store of your own (all Junip plans are free for partner stores) - or mine above (you can place orders using the Bogus Gateway).


Apps integrating Review Links will be featured in our Admin here: https://admin.juniphq.com/forms/review_links. We’ll place an icon + link to the place in your dashboard where a merchant can add their link.

We'll also be adding integration pages here: https://junip.co/integrations

Also also, eager to do co-marketing on these (social, posts on respective blogs etc) & will include new partners in our newsletter (includes 2,500+ stores & 3,000+ users).

Finally - if you’re planning to build an integration but just need a little time to schedule it in, please let us know (along with approx. timing) so we can still try to mention it in the Review Links announcement post!

For support during the build & co-marketing, please reach out directly to stuart@juniphq.com & leah@juniphq.com. Thanks a ton for taking the time to read, excited to work together.

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