Junip helps you with your on-site displays and making sure your reviews are being shown everywhere that matters. We integrate with apps that offer one-click experiences to display and gather reviews with Junip.

In this help doc you will find a list of the on-site display apps (upsells, product recommendations) that Junip integrates with.

Checkout Promotions

Request reviews from repeat customers with Junip's review form template and display star ratings on product upsells & promotions.

  • To enable, go to your Checkout Promotions account > settings > integrations and find Junip on the list of available integrations, then click “enable”.


Display star ratings under products in your WISER product recommendation widgets and popups.

  • To enable, go to your WISER dashboard > Customize Widgets > Product Reviews & enable the 'Junip' toggle button

Have an integration in mind?

Want to integrate with Junip or have an integration in mind that you'd love to see?

Email: integrations@juniphq.com

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