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Automatically publishing pending reviews after 14 days
Automatically publishing pending reviews after 14 days
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Beginning October 17th, any review on Junip that has been in the "Pending" state for 14 days or longer will automatically be moved to "Approved".

Prior to 14 days, you will still have the same controls in Junip that allow your team to hold some reviews in pending in order to manually check for any potential fraudulent, spam or inappropriate content. This change will have zero impact on reviews that have already been "Approved" or "Rejected", the only impacted reviews are those that have been in the "Pending" state for 14 days or longer. You can see the reviews currently in "Pending" from your admin here.

This change is part of an important & continuing effort by the FTC & other governing bodies to establish standards that maintain consumer trust in reviews. You can find more detail on the FTC's guidance with respect to reviews here:

While this change is important, we regret the limited notice we are able to give you. Shopify's legal team contacted Junip last week to let us know they are mandating this change across all major review tools on their platform, with a firm deadline for implementation. We trust they have the best interest of merchants in mind in an evolving regulatory landscape & will work with their team to ensure we can provide you appropriate notice about other potential changes in the future.

The Junip team is here to help with any questions relating to this change ahead of October 17th. Please contact support (reach out at, or open a chat in the righthand corner of Admin) if we can help with any questions or provide any additional resources as you adjust to the new workflow.

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