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Understanding flow conditions
Understanding flow conditions
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Conditions are an important part of Junip's flows, they'll ensure that messages are only being sent to the appropriate customers and at the right time.

If you visit your Flows page, and then click Edit flow on the Product review request flow, you'll see the screen below. Clicking the three dots and Edit will pull up the list of available conditions. We'll be covering the following conditions:

Time delay

How long do you want to wait before sending a review request? The delay is counted from the trigger (either when the order is fulfilled or when it's delivered).

Order fulfilled

  • this is usually anywhere from 7-14 days

  • it'll help to think about when you want to request a review from the customer (we definitely want them to have at least received the product in the mail).

Order delivered

  • this is usually between 1-3 days

  • a new condition called fallback condition is added for this trigger, this is helpful in the case that Shopify doesn't get info about delivery for a given order

  • if this happens, the fallback time delay tells us how long to wait (after order fulfilled) to send the review request

  • while my time delay for order delivered can be much shorter (1-3 days), notice that my fallback time delay should match the order fulfilled delay above (eg. 7-14 days)

International delay

You have the option to add a second delay that's specifically for international orders, this way, you can more accurately request a review depending on how long it will take to deliver the product.

For example, normally your product is delivered in 7 days but if you ship internationally, it will usually take 14 days to reach the customer, so you can set this up as follows:

Domestic shipping location

You'll need to tell Junip what order locations are considered international for you so that we can apply the proper delay. If you set Canada as your domestic shipping location, then the normal time delay will apply. Any other countries will use the international time delay.

In our example from above, an order from Canada would be delayed 7 days, and one from the USA or the UK would be delayed 14 days.

Feel free to add more than one domestic shipping location if relevant.

Recipient Filters

Junip will automatically exclude customers who have already reviewed the same product so this condition is ready to go for you.

Requiring marketing opt-in is legally enforced in some regions so it's very important that you understand the laws governing your area. When this condition is enabled, Junip will only send review requests to customers who have opted in to receive marketing communications from you (relevant for both email and SMS).

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